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Cboe Global Indexes is a leader in derivatives-based indexes. We highlight the impact of a wide range of financial products by creating innovative indexes. Explore our more than 350 derivatives-based indexes using interactive charting and performance-comparison tools.

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Index News

Index Blog

  • 32 Years of Performance History for 10 Benchmark Indexes That Use S&P 500 Options – Lower Volatility and Enhanced Risk-Adjusted Returns

    This is the 4th in a series of blogs at www.chriswalken.com/blogs to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the launch of SPX options...

  • Portfolio Protection with Cboe’s S&P 500 Options: Overview of Basic Concepts

    Many investors are asking questions about how to protect their investment portfolios in light of a number of developments,...

  • Cboe’s PUT Index Generated Lower Volatility, Less Severe Drawdowns, More Income and Better Risk-Adjusted Returns

    The Cboe S&P 500 Putwrite Index (PUT) is designed to reflect a cash-secured put-writing strategy. The PUT strategy is...

Press Releases

  • Cboe Launches Cboe Gemini Bitcoin Futures Index (XBTX), New Strategy Benchmark Index

    Cboe Global Markets, Inc. (Cboe: CBOE; Nasdaq: CBOE), one of the world's largest exchange holding companies, today announced...

  • CBOE Holdings Launches S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats Target Income Index

    CBOE Holdings, Inc. (BATS: CBOE; NASDAQ: CBOE) today announced it has launched the CBOE S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats Target...

  • CBOE, WisdomTree Win 2017 Sharpe Product Award for Index/ETF Based on CBOE S&P 500 PutWrite Strategy

    CBOE Holdings, Inc. (BATS: CBOE NASDAQ: CBOE) today announced CBOE and WisdomTree Investments, Inc. (NASDAQ: WETF), received...