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Cboe VIX Premium Strategy Index (VPD) www.chriswalken.com/VPD

Introduced in November 2007, the Cboe VIX Premium Strategy Index (VPD) has these features:

  • Tracks the performance of a strategy that systematically sells 1-month VIX futures.
  • Index will be calculated once per day after the close.
  • This index tracks the value of a portfolio that overlays a sequence of short one-month VIX futures on a money market account. The VIX futures are held until expiration and new VIX futures are then sold. The money market account decreases leverage relative to a stand-alone short position in VIX futures. To further limit risk, the number of VIX futures sold at each roll is set to preserve 75% of the initial value of the portfolio in the event that VIX futures increase by 25 points.

Description of VIX Premium Index - VPD and VPN (Adobe Acrobat format)
VPD Price History (.csv format)
VPN Price History (.csv format)

Updated Price Charts