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Term Structure Data

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The term structure information below illustrates expectations of market volatility conveyed by S&P 500 (SPX) stock index option prices from the "values generated" time until regular, 3rd Friday, SPX maturities. Cboe calculates these expectations by applying the VIX methodology to standard SPX option maturities.

VIX Volatility Index values generated at:  01/15/2020 15:14:45

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VIX Volatility Index values generated at:  01/15/2020 15:14:45

Trade DateExpiration DateVIXContract Month
1/15/2020 3:14:45 PM
12.42 1
1/15/2020 3:14:45 PM
14.02 2
1/15/2020 3:14:45 PM
14.62 3
1/15/2020 3:14:45 PM
15.14 4
1/15/2020 3:14:45 PM
15.56 5
1/15/2020 3:14:45 PM
16.55 6
1/15/2020 3:14:45 PM
16.62 7
1/15/2020 3:14:45 PM
17.13 8
1/15/2020 3:14:45 PM
17.39 9
1/15/2020 3:14:45 PM
17.08 10

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